John: The Law of Unintended Consequences
Over the past 15 years, our department and community have learned a great deal about the community policing model and philosophy. We moved from triage and bandaids followed...[read more]
Posted 04.22.15
Todd A. Miller: 60 Days Left To Submit For Community Policing Award
60 days!  That is how much time you have left to submit an initiative or to finish the submission you have started for the 2015 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Awards! ...[read more]
Posted 04.08.15
Todd A. Miller: Moving Barriers and Building Trust
Building trust with a community is easier when the Police Agency is representative of the citizens they serve, but it also requires that officers get out...[read more]
Posted 03.25.15
Norm: Yonkers New York Police
I wanted to share an article that recently highlighted the Yonkers New York Police Dept. The city of Yonkers is a large city which borders New York City. Over the...[read more]
Posted 03.25.15
Ronal: Mid Year Community Policing Committee Meeting
Last Thrusday and Friday the 2015 Mid Year Meeting of the Community Policing Committee was held in Scotsdale, AZ.  I am proud to report that we had a well attended...[read more]
Posted 03.17.15
Patrick: IACP Community Policing Mid-Year Meeting
Just wanted to say welcome to the new members of the IACP Community Policing Committee, who attended our recently held mid-year meeting. It was a great and busy meeting, with...[read more]
Posted 03.17.15
Jason: 3 Ways to Improve Police/Community Relations
From the ICMA--Moving toward community governance. The recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers, and the deaths of police officers at the hands of the seemingly...[read more]
Posted 03.16.15
IACP: Submission To President's Task Force On 21st Century Policing
Recently, IACP was invited to submit written testimony for the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. With the short time frame to respond, a limited number of members were...[read more]
Posted 01.14.15
Stephen: Police Promotions-Royal Bahamas Police Force
I am please to share the recent promtions of two IACP Committee members from the Bahamas. Superintendent Stephen Dean has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police. Assistant Superintendent Loretta Mackey has...[read more]
Posted 11.02.14
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: Leadership and Partnership in Law Enforcement
This past week the IACP held its 121st annual conference in Orlando, Florida. With about 25,000 police leaders from all over the world each attendant leaves with their own impressions...[read more]
Posted 11.01.14
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