Todd A. Miller: Congratulations to 2015 Winners and Finalists!
I would like to congratulate those agencies that were selected as Winners and Finalists for the 2015 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award.  There were 10 agencies selected that will...[read more]
Posted 09.25.15
keith: Norman Police Safety Town Program
    The Norman Police Department Safety Town Program has been in existence since 1977. The program is a partnerhip between the police department and Sooner Mall. The program was...[read more]
Posted 08.19.15
Madison City Police Department: Community Policing, a Two-Way Street
Law enforcement agencies that truly practice a community policing philosophy enjoy the respect and support of their communities. Members of those communities live in neighborhoods where...[read more]
Posted 08.17.15
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: International Law Enforcement Partnerships
Organizational vision and cooperation bring law enforcement agencies closer together despite global distances. On June 30, 2015, Y. Danino, Commisisoner of the Israel Police, has retired after 37 years of...[read more]
Posted 07.16.15
Todd A. Miller: Community Policing Award Submission Deadline Extended!
Deadline Extended: 2015 IACP and Cisco Systems Community Policing Awards DEADLINE EXTENDED: Midnight EDT; Sunday, June 28, 2015 With many recent major incidents calling into question the relationships between police and the...[read more]
Posted 05.26.15
David: Benefits of submiting an application for the 2015 IACP/Cisco Community Policing Award
Recently, Director Todd Miller of the IACP Community Policing Committee posted a reminder that the award process for the 2015 IACP/Cisco Community Policing Award is open and he encouraged departments...[read more]
Posted 05.05.15
John: The Law of Unintended Consequences
Over the past 15 years, our department and community have learned a great deal about the community policing model and philosophy. We moved from triage and bandaids followed...[read more]
Posted 04.22.15
Todd A. Miller: 60 Days Left To Submit For Community Policing Award
60 days!  That is how much time you have left to submit an initiative or to finish the submission you have started for the 2015 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Awards! ...[read more]
Posted 04.08.15
Todd A. Miller: Moving Barriers and Building Trust
Building trust with a community is easier when the Police Agency is representative of the citizens they serve, but it also requires that officers get out...[read more]
Posted 03.25.15
Norm: Yonkers New York Police
I wanted to share an article that recently highlighted the Yonkers New York Police Dept. The city of Yonkers is a large city which borders New York City. Over the...[read more]
Posted 03.25.15
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