Dr. Robbie Friedmann: TOPPS - it is not what you think
On April 2nd I gave a talk on “Tourism Policing: How Police Departments Can Interact for Better Tourism Security,” at the International Tourism Safety Association annual meeting in...[read more]
Posted 04.12.14
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: Exercise caution with positive press
It is nice to get positive press and accolades but with it comes the extra responsibilities of reading such press correctly. Once it is printed it is difficult to remedy...[read more]
Posted 03.27.14
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: Mid-Year Meeting Committee Photo
Our committee had a prodcutive and enjoyable time in San Diego. Thank you to FBI SAC Daphne Hearn for providing a facility conducive to our deliberations and for the great...[read more]
Posted 03.19.14
Travis: 2014 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award Now Open for Submissions
In its 16th year, the IACP/Cisco Community Policing Awards competition honors those departments worldwide that have prevented and decreased crime and terrorism by forging partnerships with their communities. ...[read more]
Posted 02.14.14
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: International Community Policing
Among key principles espoused by community policing (CP) several come to mind when considering international community policing (ICP): Interagency cooperation and partnerships building. Most practitioners and scholars emphasize the importance...[read more]
Posted 01.11.14
Kacey: IACP 2013 Philly Highlights
It was an honor to attend IACP 2013 and recognize IACP Community Policing Winners and Finalists in Philly.   Here's my blog with some highlights: [read more]
Posted 11.01.13
keith: Attending the workshop with a future officer
I am honored to be present at the 2013 IACP Conference. I am also honored to have been selected to mentor one of the Philadelphia PD's Explorers. David Makovsky is...[read more]
Posted 10.20.13
Todd: 2013 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award Winners to be Recognized
We are now at the 2013 IACP Conference in Philadelphia where we will officially recognize the Winners and Finalists of the 2013 Community Policing Awards sponsored by Cisco.  The private...[read more]
Posted 10.18.13
Mahesh: Community policing project on antitrafficking "Project Aasara" [read more]
Posted 10.10.13
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: 2013 CP Awards Posted
As a follow up to Director Miller's post from 8-28 please note that the list of the 2013 winners and finalists is now posted. Click to view. [read more]
Posted 09.26.13
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