Ronal: 2017 IACP - Cisco Community Policing Awards
It is that time of year again to highlight the accomplishments and innovations of police departments throughout the world that embrace community policing. This year we are happy to announce that...[read more]
Posted 05.05.17
Kacey: Mountain View Police Captain recognized for digital community engagement
I live in Mountain View and am especially proud to see this recognition.   As we think about best practices for community policing keep in mind the digital communities (facebook, nextdoor...[read more]
Posted 04.07.17
Kacey: Community Policing and Basketball? Help spread the word for this important initiative
Found a great example of community policing in Florida!   Meet Basketball Cop! Check it out ! [read more]
Posted 03.22.17
Kacey: 2017 Community Policing Award Committee Kickoff Call Today
It was great to kickoff the 2017 Community Policing Award with the Committee today!  Cisco is proud to sponsor best practices for community policing in our communities around the world!...[read more]
Posted 03.17.17
Scott: Reducing Opioid Addiction through a Broad Community Coalition
An estimated 1.9 million people in the United States have a pain reliever use disorder.[1] Drug overdose, including misuse of pharmaceuticals, is...[read more]
Posted 07.13.16
Dr. Robbie Friedmann: The IACP Community Policing Committee 2015 Workshop
In the last few years the IACP Community Policing Committee was able to put on timely workshops that were well attended and addressed key issues relevant to law enforcement and...[read more]
Posted 11.06.15
Todd A. Miller: Community Policing - My Past and Future
I have recently returned to work from attending another great IACP Annual Conference, this one in Chicago, IL, USA.  At the conference, the winners and finalists of the 2015 IACP...[read more]
Posted 11.06.15
Travis: Community Policing Strong in Richmond, VA
I returned from IACP Conference and heard about a community policing focused presentation at VA Commonwealth University. It was great to hear real passion for the philosophy and agency-wide commitment...[read more]
Posted 11.05.15
Todd A. Miller: Congratulations to 2015 Winners and Finalists!
I would like to congratulate those agencies that were selected as Winners and Finalists for the 2015 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award.  There were 10 agencies selected that will...[read more]
Posted 09.25.15
keith: Norman Police Safety Town Program
    The Norman Police Department Safety Town Program has been in existence since 1977. The program is a partnerhip between the police department and Sooner Mall. The program was...[read more]
Posted 08.19.15
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