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Beat Check

Garry I am a Marketing Manager at Cisco passionate about supporting Community Policing. This is due in large part since I was a Police Chaplain serving three different Chiefs in Pleasanton Ca for 21 years.
March 20th at 6:22AM ET
Kacey Great kickoff for 2017 Community Policing Awards Program today!
March 17th at 11:50AM ET
Pinecrest Police Department The Village of Pinecrest Police Department employees work tirelessly to achieve their success. Their responsiveness to community concerns about crime serves as a guiding principle for our community oriented police department. I commend them for their dedicated service and commitment to excellence.
July 2nd at 9:08PM ET
Royal Bahamas Police Force I am a catalyst for CHANGE through Community Policing.......
March 24th at 12:14PM ET
Dubai Police
August 20th at 2:10AM ET
Nez Perce Tribal Police 24 Sworn Officers and 5 civilian staff. Both Tribal and Federal commissions. Patrol an area 1,200 square miles in size.
July 13th at 5:26PM ET
Merry Jane Everyone or No ONE counts.
April 15th at 1:44AM ET
Mohamed A Proud member of the Mankato public safety police unit.
November 6th at 5:10PM ET
Kevin Happy to be on board and glad to be among so many like minded Community Policing Individuals
November 3rd at 3:45PM ET
Morgan Latest SafeLife blog post up -
October 13th at 9:16AM ET
Telangana State Police-Jagtial RIP Joesph D.Mcnamara, father of Community Policing..
September 29th at 2:50AM ET
Evanston Police Department The Evanston Police Department's community policing Partnership is unique because of the diverse population we serve.
June 19th at 9:24AM ET